Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Darn. HCG dropped back down from "You're pregnant!" to "You were pregnant and now you're not". So it's a good thing we feel adoption is A-OK. And we're going to an all-day adoption seminar tomorrow. Perhaps it was meant to be. The agency was particularly good, we both we're quite impressed.

Or perhaps it was just a little too much to get pregnant the same month as my surgery. Keep on trucking and we'll see what happens! Eventually, someone will hand us a baby...and we'll head home to never sleep or shower again.

Love to all who wished us well...keep them happy wishes coming.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I haven't blogged for a month

We moved to a great foursquare house in SE, I had surgery (Suzy in a haze of darvoset=no blogging), we set up the Xmas tree, had Howard's Xmas eve birthday, hosted a New Year's Eve Party at our house, Gators beat Oklahoma (oh yes, they did), I won the Portland Spelling Bee, we played laser tag for hours, and I got pregnant. Yup. Quite a month.

I can't imagine what's going to happen in January--we sure do pack in the fun! :)

It's super early days on being preggers, so wish us luck. Even my doctor was quite surprised to see the result. Whee!

I'm not sure if the Laser Tag had anything to do with it. :) You know those uniforms are quite sexy (not).

And we're going to an adoption seminar on Tuesday too, so it's all babies all the time. Funny days here in Chez Ship.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Gators beat Bama!

Actually Alabama muscled us around pretty good for a little bit, causing me serious fear before the half and for the first few drives of the third quarter. Then our Gator quarterback Tim Tebow decided to take over the whole team, acting (as I recall, blinded by my patented Tim Tebow goggles) as both quarterback and wide receiver. Also, he sold hot dogs in the stands. At one point, he flew above the field in his invisible plane, wielding the lasso of truth...oh wait, that's Wonder Woman. Yeah, he did good. :)

Still, my favorite quote came during the Georgia game a few weeks ago, when the announcer said (on national TV), "Yup, tonight Superman will be wearing Tim Tebow pajamas." Oh yeah, he said it.

Bring on the Sooners! This is all the more fun, because my dad's little brother lives in Norman, OK, and is a giant Sooners fan. Hee hee, we will crush them.

GATORS. 'Nuff said.

Monday, December 01, 2008

OK, this is filled with nerdy beauty.

Watch this video, do it now. Do not question the power of the Twins.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finally a cat who isn't scared of the vacuum.

OK, I want a cat who drives the roomba (this is not a euphemism).  All my previous cats just wanted to lie around eating premium tuna out of gold embossed cans while flipping off the squirrels.  

At last our deep fat fryer finds a home--and we do too.

We rented a big ol' foursquare house, with plenty of space for all our wacked out kitchen gadgets.  Deep fat fryer, here we come!  

I'll miss the streetcar right outside the door, but we're walking distance to all kinds of goodies, including the Clinton Cafe (free Pagan Jug Band on Tuesdays) and New Seasons.

Big American flag on the house, which the landlady hung up after Obama won.  Aww.  It's nice that it's cool to be patriotic again, since I always was.  Almost Jan 20...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like...we're not buying a house.

Yup, we're officially part of the deflation problem.  'Cause we'd like to buy a house, but we're not, because we think house values here in Portland, OR are just at the top of the water slide, ready to go Whee! down to the bottom.  So we don't want to give Generobank, Inc.  our life savings quite yet.  Ya know, in case we need them when GM goes under and cannibals start roaming the streets with their pointy pointy teeth.  :)  

So house values probably will drop, because people like us aren't buying.  We're looking at a rental house on Saturday.  I feel like such a ...trend.  

Weirdly, KMart is all popular again.  Why?  Because the big K still lets people put gifts on layaway.  Every other store shut this feature down years ago (since people had credit cards--essentially Master Card's layaway plan).  But now that credit is tight, big K layaway has lines across the store (according to NPR).  Everything old is new again, baby.  If I show any desire to wear tie-dye or big feathered Farrah hair, feel free to administer a beat down.